servicesShnuer Zalman said: "A song lifts us from the place we are to the place we want to be."

At Congregation L’Dor V’Dor singing and music are central to our expressions of Jewish life.  In addition to the exquisite voice of our cantor, Talya Smilowitz, our prayers are also lifted by a number of talented musicians, most often Natalie Tenenbaum, who regularly adds her piano playing to our praying. We believe the joy of singing and the uplift of musical accompaniment adds to our Shabbat prayer experience.  Our Shabbat experience is elevated by music and song, and made holy by prayer and learning.

On the High Holidays our praying and repenting is aided by the musical accompaniment of additional musical instruments.  Natalie Tenenbaum serves as our congregation's pianist, composer, and arranger for the High Holidays.  She is joined on Rosh Hashanah by Vasko Dukovski on clarinet and on Yom Kippur by Elise Frawley on viola.

During the year we have several special musical Shabbat services and concerts.  On Yom HaShoah and Yom Haatzmaut we always welcome additional musical accompaniment to mark these days.

Shabbat Services: Fridays at 7:00 pm


Aliya Blessing
If you would like to practice the aliya blessing download the prayer here.
Listen to the cantor singing the blessing below.

Shabbat Blessings
The blessings to recite before your Shabbat dinner at home can be downloaded here.

To download the Miskhan Tefila app follow this link. This is a digital version the prayerbook we use at Shabbat services.

Traveler’s Prayer
If going on a vacation or journey, you can recite the traveler's prayer.

Blessings for Nature
For blessings to recite when seeing the extraordinary sights of nature, follow this link.

When hanging a mezuzah, you can recite these prayers.

Prayers for Yahrtzeit Candle
If lighting a yahrtzeit candle you can recite these prayers.

Prayers at Graveside
If visiting the grave of your loved one, you can recite these prayers.