Congregation L'Dor V'Dor Sermons

High Holiday Sermons and Discussions

This page is devoted to Rabbi Moskowitz's High Holiday sermons and discussions.

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Sermons 5775

Listen to this year's sermons and discussions. Read the written word.

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Sermons 5774

Rosh Hashanah Morning Day 1
Learning from the Whirlwind.  What are the lessons we should learn from Hurricane Sandy.

Rosh Hashanah Morning Day 2
Our discussion about First Samuel 1 and in particular the insights Hannah's prayer for a son offer us.

Yom Kippur Evening
Why We Pray. An exploration about Jewish prayer in the modern age.

Yom Kippur Morning
Sure It's Complicated. What are our obligations to the world at large and in particular our response to the crisis in Syria. 

Yom Kippur Afternoon
We Remember. Our afternoon creative service and concert of remembrance.